Saturday, May 08, 2010

When in Germany...

Zev and I turned to each other last night at the Fruehlingsfest and said "I love Germany" about three times.
 We truly do love living in Germany, especially now that the weather is starting to get warmer and the flowers are blossoming and we have a great friend/ colleague/ church/ German school mate network.
We will certainly treasure our memories of Germany and Europe when it is time to leave.
Our love of all things German has even transcended the way we dress! Ha!
Well no, not really, but only for certain events, like the Fruehlingsfest (Spring Festival) where it is fun to wear the traditional costume of dirndls and lederhosen.
We went to the Fruehlingsfest last night with colleagues from Zev's work and their spouses.  
It was fun to sing along to some German songs with our friends, some of whom are due to return to the States soon.
Earlier this week, Zev made a delicious Black Forest Cake (in line with our trip to the Black Forest last weekend to find a cuckoo clock).
It tasted great and he took half the cake in to work to share.
Our cuckoo clock is doing well. As I type this out, the clock just chimed at the half hour mark. I love the sound of the cuckoo and the little song that is played afterwards. The interesting thing is, you have to wind the chains with the weights on the bottom, each day. The weights are what powers the cuckoo clock (no batteries or solar power or electricity here!) so they are in different positions are various times during the day. The pendulum which swings at the bottom of the clock controls how fast or slow the clock moves along. I had no idea it would be this involved to get it set up, but Zev and I have been "playing around" with adjusting the "swing" of the cuckoo clock- sometimes it is too fast, sometimes too slow. I like it when Zev turns the hands of the clock to make it "cuckoo."
Zev and I are looking forward to seeing our Australian family very soon! We are also excited to meet the newest member, due to be born any day now! In July, our sweet friend Leslie is coming to visit. I can't believe that when I see Leslie, it will have been TWO years since we have seen each other! Wow. Zev already knows that there is a "Sound of Music" girls trip to Salzburg with Leslie planned. The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music, la la la la....

We hope that your May is off to a good start! To all the mums out there- Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow!

Love, Zev and Fifi xoxo

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