Sunday, May 16, 2010

Military Dining-Out! (And a Handsome Husband in Uniform ;-)

Zev and I attended a military Dining-Out last night.
For those who are not familiar with a Dining-Out, it is a formal dinner where the military member wears their evening uniform (called a "Mess Kit") and the spouses wear evening dresses or tuxedos (for the male spouses).
A lot of preparation goes into planning and executing a Dining-Out.
 There is an official "Head" table with a President of the Mess and guests of honor.
There is also a "Mr. Vice" who sits on his own table across the room from the "President" and is like a Master of Ceremonies. Mr. Vice coordinates events such as requesting members of a service like the Air Force or the Marines to sing their service song. 
Dining-Outs have lots of "mandatory" rules and fines for breaking those rules, which usually involved drinking from the "Grog" bowl (filled with a mixture of drinks, each representing the branch of service represented, like sake for the Navy etc).
I thought Zev looked so handsome in his uniform!
All in all it was a fun night, and especially fun to see all our friends dressed up so smart!
Have a lovely week!


Lindsey said...

That looked like so much fun! You looked so beautiful as always!!

Leslie said...

You are a knock-out! I love your hair too! You and Zev look great!