Sunday, February 07, 2010

Part of the family

Our dear friend, Cisco, visited us this weekend from his current home in Abu Dhabi. Cisco and Fi have known each other since they were Air Force cadets at the Academy, and Cisco and Zev met shortly after Fi and Zev started dating. According to Cisco, Fi "gushed" about Zev from Day 1.

Fi: "There he is, Cisco, THAT'S ZEV!! What do you think of him!?"

Cisco: "He looks nice Fi, but I probably need to talk with him first to see what he is like as a person."

Luckily for Fi, Zev and Cisco get along very well and we always love it when Cisco pops over to visit us on one of his many exciting overseas destinations.
 And although we are sure he already knows this, we've got to say it again:

Cisco, you are part of the family!

Hope all our family and friends across the world are doing SPLENDIDLY! This is going to be a great week, I just know it!


Lindsey said...

What about Cisco for Leslie???

Laura and Ryan said...

I love your Valentines themed blog! Where did you guys eat? That food looks delish!

Cisco:) said...

Ah thanks guys:) Was an awesome weekend and I really can't thank you enough for making me feel so at home! Hamburg makes Stuttgart feel balmy!!! :)