Monday, February 01, 2010

Beautiful Bavaria

We went skiing in the Bavarian Alps this past weekend. The ski area (Haupsberg) is in the beautiful little Bavarian town of Garmisch, which is located in a valley of the Wetterstein Massif at the foot of Germany's highest peak, the Zugspitze (9,371 feet). The Zugspitze sits on the border between Germany and Austria, and in fact on our drive home, we had to go through Austria in order to get back home to Germany!
Garmisch and it's twin town, Partnerkirchen, gained international attention when they hosted the 1936 Winter Olympics.
We actually got to ski down one of the ski runs (No. 4) and it was a long downhill run, which Fiona found challenging and Zev found easy, but we both found enjoyable!
We actually visited the site of the olympic ski jump and just stared in awe as we imagined the skiiers coming down that enormous jump at a great rate of knots. I don't know how they do it.
We had a wonderful time skiing and enjoyed the great ski conditions (it pretty much snowed lightly the entire day).
The day after we skiied, we explored the local "Partnachklamm" or Partnach Gorge.
What an amazing work of nature that is. So serene and majestic.
After we explored the Gorge, we stopped for Kaffee und Kuchen (we feel SO GERMAN now!! Ha!) in a quaint little Gasthaus.
The Kuchen or cake part was this creation aptly named "The Puff."
It was probably not the wisest thing to eat before our drive home!
 We really love Germany and are so grateful for the experiences we are having.
Hope you are all safe, happy and healthy!
Love and hugs, Zev and Fifi xoxoxo


Lindsey said...

Fiona!! What beautiful pictures! You are getting to experience the most amazing things!! Awesome!

Laura and Ryan said...

How gorgeous! I love your teal hat!

Vikings and Blueberries said...

Your photography is gorgeous! And the Ritter Sport commercial is cute. hehe!