Sunday, June 07, 2009

My Mr. Fix It

If you need something fixed- give it to Zev. After our Canon Camera suffered a bit of a misfortune of getting wet recently, Zev took it upon himself to figure out what was wrong with it and to fix it. Long story short, where Fi thought that the camera had finally met its end, Zev figured out a way to repair it at home- and now it works as good as new! Zev is definitely a thinker: he was able to take apart the broken camera, pinpoint the exact problem (when he pointed out the minuscule problem "part" to Fi, she had a hard time seeing exactly what it was, but Zev did). Mr. Fix-It then ordered an identical broken camera on eBay (eBay Australia incidentally), and when he received that camera in the mail, he took that one apart too.....and we have one complete fixed camera and lots of little camera parts. God picked the perfect husband for Fifi- a guy that knows how to cook a fabulous dinner AND fix things....among other things of course ;-))

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl!!!! this is Denise Butler from Ageless Beauty... Lindsey was in yesterday and gave me your blog I love it!! miss you hope you are having fun (it looks like it) I will check this and keep up with you. So good to see you!! haha