Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Birthday Boy, Bike Rides, and Being Grateful for our Freedom

I love Memorial Day Weekends. As an Aussie, it is kind of like ANZAC Day weekend- in other words, a long weekend that includes a Federal holiday and a chance to reflect on our troops and be thankful for their sacrifices and our freedoms. This Memorial Day Weekend was the first we have spent in Germany, so it was great for Zev to have a few days off while the rest of Germany was still at work (although Zev did not get the German holiday off earlier in the week). We celebrated Zev's birthday on Saturday by heading up to the historic town of Heidelberg, where we did some Trap shooting at the Rod & Gun Club, and then walked around the city for a little bit and watching people go by. Sunday we went to Church and then enjoyed planting more flowers and herbs in our little flower boxes and our garden out back. We were continued to be blessed with good weather in Monday, and so we set off for a 22 mile round trip bike ride to downtown Stuttgart, where we ate our packed lunch on the beautiful grounds of the Schlossplatz. What a wonderful, special weekend together. We hope that all our family and friends back in the States also had a lovely Memorial Day weekend, and that they are enjoying the sunny weather. Love and hugs to all! Fifi xoxo

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