Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Our First Official Visitor!!!

Zev and I had the great pleasure of catching up with our dear old friend, Cisco, when he dropped into Stuttgart for a quick visit last week ("dropped in" via Business Class all the way from Dubai may I add- not that I know what that's like seeing as we fly econo all the way, but I hear that the seats fold ALL THE WAY back AND you can order a la carte off the menu.....but I digress....) Seriously though, we loved catching up on old times and laughing till our sides hurt, and the best part is that we were able to pick up right where we left off- even though it had been over three years since we last caught up with Cisco. We were happy to hear that Cisco is doing well in Dubai and is happy and healthy. We also enjoyed meeting his lovely friend, Ina, who is a local Stuttgarter, and who showed Zev and I some of the good places to eat in downtown Stuttgart! (Thanks, Ina!! Come out and visit us in Esslingen sometime!) We hope that Cisco will come visit us again and look forward to our next visitor, Kristen, who is flying in from lovely Paris!! Bis Spaeter!

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