Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Ludwigsburg Field Trip

Learning the German language isn't so bad after all. My Tuesday Morning Conversational Class went on a field trip to the baroque city of Ludwigsburg, about 15 minutes north of Stuttgart. We were to speak only German on the trip, which wasn't too bad because we were distracted by the beauty of the castles and the wonder of the Christmas markets. As soon as I got home, I showed Zev the picture of the (protected!) deer on the castle grounds. Needless to say, he asked whether: a) We can hunt the deer, and b) Suggested that we visit the area with Kristen this weekend- great idea! There are three castles on the grounds- the largest one is modelled after France's Versailles. I will take plenty of pictures when we take Kristen there this weekend. In the picture below, I am standing with Adele and Julien, two fellow students from France, and our lovely lecturer, Mona, in front of the smaller castle. Being a language learner these past few months has helped me come to the following conclusions: a) Learning a new language takes lots of patience and a sense of humor; b) It's ok to make mistakes- you just need to get out there and practice the language with the locals (the local bus driver has been asking me little questions in German to test how much I've learnt when I catch the bus to school every day); c) Understanding the difficulties and frustrations of learning a new language will help me be a better teacher of English to foreign speakers (I've applied for jobs teaching English and I think this will be an excited way to get out and earn some money while improving my language skills!)

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