Saturday, February 28, 2015

Daddy-son snow time and a lovely walk in the woods

Yesterday was a snow day for Zev and Zachary (no work and no school). Actually, Zachary has been home the past 2 weeks, due to his sickness as well. Zachary is feeling much better now, thanks to his antibiotics. Daddy and mummy are now coming down with the same cough and achy feeling that Zachary had. He asked me yesterday, as I was coming down the stairs into the kitchen to "please don't cough all over his food". Ha. Guess he heard Zev and I ask him the same thing about a million times a day!

Zev took Zachary out for a snow "ride" through the woods out the back of our house on a shovel. It was cute to see them explore the snowy woods.

Mummy was able to get some alone time walking through some other woods in our neighborhood. It was so beautiful and PEACEFUL and I was able to praise God for His beautiful creation.

Today I don't feel so good. Zachary is all active and jumping on all the couches, which is good to see. Hopefully I will be like that soon too! Maybe not jumping on the couches though :)

Enjoy the pics!

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