Sunday, December 07, 2014

Mummy-son park date and visit from Cisco!!

On Saturday I took Zachary to a lovely local petting zoo and playground. It really made me happy to show Zachary some Australian animals and we even got to see two joeys in their mama's (one swamp wallaby, one red kangaroo) pouches. Simply adorable :-) Zachary love the large, covered children's playground and I loved the different play areas!

Later that afternoon, my dear friend Cisco, who I know from my Academy days, came for a visit! He lives in Auckland, New Zealand and "popped" over to Australia for the weekend to visit a friend in Canberra and then us! Thanks Cisco! Good friends like you are treasures. I'm excited that he has a new lady friend :-))
With dad and Ceci the next day at the same park.

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