Tuesday, December 02, 2014


Zachary and I are in Australia for a few weeks, to spend Christmas and New Years Eve (and soak up the sun!) with my family. You know, it's funny, but it wasn't until I just wrote that, that I realized that neither Zachary now I have been coughing or sneezing since we have arrived! And we only got here 2 days ago! We both had a really bad cold last week, so bad that I wasn't sure whether I could even make the trip! But thankfully it cleared up and I felt better to embark on the LONG journey to get here with Zachary. It was a LONG journey, folks. The flight from Los Angeles to Sydney alone was 15 hours and 10 minutes! And I was telling people that it was only a 13 hour flight. We flew from Virginia to DC, then from DC to LA. That took about 5 hours....I won't bore you with the details but I will say that the Australia flight involved poor Zachary getting airsick during turbulence and the flight attendants telling me that they would have to notify the "Ebola authorities" in Sydney and that they weren't sure whether we would need to be quarantined or not. Thankfully, we were not quarantined or even questioned when we got off the plane. This is partly "thanks" to the EPIC tantrum (prostrate face down on the floor; arms flailing and screaming "don't touch me!!!!!!") The passport lady AND the customs lady personally escorted Zachary and I to the front of the line and through customs, no questions asked. He was seriously loud and I heard mutterings of compassionate parents saying "I remember those days".....I guess I have Zachary to thank for not getting us quarantined! He was SO TIRED when we arrived though and slept for 3 hours. He woke up on his own (a good thing) and then went and played at Auntie Charo and Uncle Jorge's house while I took a nap: from 230pm to 930pm! I hadn't slept on any of the flights, so I guess I was a little tired :-) I don't have any jet lag thankfully, as I later slept from 11pm through 630am.

Sydney is gorgeous. We went to Balmoral Beach yesterday and while there were lots of people there (Sunday), the weather was hot and sunny and Chloe and I even went in the water! Zachary spent his time building sand castles with my cousin Dennis. We then had lunch at a reputed seafood place. I had the chicken burger, but Zachary LOVED the white fish! He even ate some giant prawns! Pretty cute to see, especially considering that neither Zev nor I enjoy seafood!

I hope you enjoy the pictures! 

God bless!

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Raymond Hemsworth said...

Hi Fiona and Zev and Zac, I didn't realise you were in Australia I just got got your Christmas card and accidentally threw out the envelope so not sure where to send your card. It has been so long since I spoke with you both. My email address is rmwhemsworth@iprimus.com.au. God bless you all. Ray Hemsworth