Saturday, August 23, 2014

Beautiful wooden "Sattelschlepper" (semi-trailer) from Ulla and Manfred) and day at the aquarium

Ulla, my amazing German teacher and her husband Manfred, sent Zachary this beautiful "Sattelschlepper" or semi-trailer truck all the way from Germany.  Zachary of course loved it and immediately started making the appropriate sounds for the truck driving along and then stopping at the red light. Really great German design. I loved how simple the design was: it allows for the child to develop their imagination, rather than be bogged down by bells and whistles. 

Yesterday, our family went to the Virginia Aquarium, where Zachary wanted to see the Tomistoma (cross between an alligator and crocodile). The fact that Zachary remembered the name of this really unusual reptile really surprised us! We had fun and enjoyed watching the pirate ship ward off the other pirate "attackers". One of those "you had to be there" moments :-)

I am now sitting on our front porch, watching my Z men do some yard work. 

Hope you enjoy the pics! Have a great week :-)

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gena said...

Wonderful family times!!! I can't believe Zachary remembered the name of the ali/crock creature. Your boy is amazing!!! Besos Sweet ones!!!