Thursday, May 01, 2014

Wear Gray in May!

Hi friends! 

May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month!

In support of my wonderful neurosurgeon, Dr. Quinones (or Dr. Q) at Johns Hopkins University Hospital and his amazing research team, I am coordinating a grassroots effort to fundraise money to DIRECTLY benefit his research lab.

I found a basic design for a good quality tee shirt, made and sold locally, which I am selling for $15 for locals (plus shipping costs for out of towers) with ALL PROCEEDS to go towards Dr. Q and his efforts to find a CURE for brain cancer!!! 

The t-shirt shop has sent me a picture of the tee shirt. Below is a picture of the ladies design. The men's shirt will not have a V neck. Sizing for the shirts are as follows:

(Zev and I and friends will model some once we buy the first ones!) Just to provide you with measurements in the meantime: 

Men's Tee: Small Width (W): 18", Length (L): 28"; Medium W: 20", L: 29"; Large W: 22", L: 30"; X-Large W: 24", L: 31"; 2XL W: 26", L: 32"; 3XL W: 28", L: 33"; 4XL W: 30", L: 34".

Womens Tee: Small (sizes 6-8) W: 18", L: 25"; Medium (sizes 10-12) W: 20", L: 26"; Large (sizes 14-16) W: 22", L: 27"; X-Large (sizes 18-20) W: 24", L: 28"; 2XL W: 26", L: 29"

If you are interested and want to wear GRAY IN MAY, please comment below or email me!

Please also email me with your address if you would like the shirt shipped to you, if you're out of town! A note on the postage costs for the different countries will follow (as well as some pics with us modeling the shirts!) 

Thank you so much guys!!


Love Fiona xo

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