Saturday, March 29, 2014

A third of the way there!

This past Friday, March 28th marked Day 10 of my radiation, which means that I am a third of the way through!! End date (where I get to ring the completion bell is April 25th!!) 

The radiation oncologist said that at around days 10 to 15 I should start to feel more tired and (I especially don't like this side effect!) lose my hair! Well, I do feel tired but am blessed to have Zev and my mum watch Zachary while I take a nap, and still feel strong enough to take Zachary to (his current favorite spots; I hope he still says "mama, I love church" or "mama, I love library" when he is 15!) to the local libraries for story and song time twice a week. We've also been trying out some toddler music classes (the boy knows how to move his hips and loves to dance, which I like of course :-)) It's hard to lie in bed all day (I'm up before the house most days to get Zev ready for work!) with an almost 2 year old active boy. We love him to bits though and I use my (short) quiet time in the morning to pray, read the Bible and catch up on emails and cards and other things before the baby wakes up! And I thought I could go back to work from home when he was 6 months old! Ha!

Enjoy this recap of the past week and a half!

Day 3 of Radiation Battle:
We visited DADDA at work in the morning. I have radiation every day at 230pm, so that allows mum and I time to do things in the morning, then go home, feed Zachary and put him down for his daily nap and sometimes I have a nap too and then Zev takes me to radiation.
Zachary prayed "God, please heal mamas brain yaya." Melted my heart.
Day 4: My sweet friend Deanna sent me this adorable grey and pink headband! Love it!
MOPS was fun!
Went out for an afternoon walk and snack with Zachary. Love this boy!
First signs of spring. Makes me smile :-) Daffodils make me smile and I love how they are everywhere right now!! Thank you Jesus!
Day 5: First week: DONE! I received this gorgeous grey and pink tutu made by the darling Darla of Louisiana in the mail!!  Love it!!! Phyllis, one of the radiation therapists just so happened to have run in a race in support of breast cancer last year. She had made 3 tutus (for 2 other ladies) and had worn grey shirts to go with them! She said "maybe I could wear my pink tutu for your last radiation session" (on April 25th!!) and I said "well maybe Tyrone (the other radiation therapist) could wear one too! To which Tyrone replied "only if your husband does too!" I said "of course he will." And when we showed Zev the pictures of Phyllis' pink tutus he said "if it makes you happy, baby, I'll do it." I love this man!!!
Weekend rest days. Saturday we took Zachary to the beach and he flew his first kite! He loved it!
Sunday: church! Love this sign in my bathroom!
My darling friend Karen made me this adorable grey and pink sparkly brooch/ head ornament! I'm loving all the grey and pink accessories :-))
Day 11 of Radiation Battle: "The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still" Exodus 14:14 rings so true! Meme and Zachary enjoyed some giggles and it snowed again! Crazy weather we are having!! We were at the beach this past weekend! Lol
Took Zachary to Toddler Tales where he told the librarian "book good after she asked him how his (truck) book was! Of course he loved looking at the pictures of the trucks but this is how kids start to read!
Had a great nap after my radiation today. I love how Zachary says "DADDA fix it" whenever something is broken. I love that he loves his daddy so much and thinks that his daddy can fix everything. Like yesterday, it rained and Zachary pointed outside and said "wet" and then said "DADDA fix it." 
Day 12: Zev and I meet with the radiation oncologist every Tuesday. I told her "I hope I feel this good on day 30 of my treatment" to which she said "you won't." I really appreciate her telling it to me straight. Apparently I'm going to be feeling pretty tired by week 3 or 4. I keep thinking that as all mums can relate, it's hard to stay tired when you've got little ones saying "mama mama" and the sun is shining  and you want to play with them too! 
Day 13: Took Zachary to his first music class today. He loved it of course and eve n took me out for a dance! This is one of those "I pray he still wants to dance with his mama when he's 15" moments :-)
He also pretended to play the violin :-)
Zev came with me to pick up my wigs today! I really like them! This one below is called Wendy (as in from Peter Pan :-))
Day 14: Notice the piece of oatmeal on my big boy's nose! 
Day 15: A THIRD of the way there! Mum and I did some window shopping today and she was able to view the entire radiation process today, thanks to Phyllis! 
Later that afternoon, the wonderful Ginny came and we tried on the wigs! The one she is wearing is the Wendy and the long one is Sophia (as in Sophia Loren :-)) We giggled so much! 
Zev even got into the spirit and tried the Sophia in! Lol
Yesterday I went to work out at the Y :-)
And Meme carried Zachary downstairs. I told her that soon he will be carrying her downstairs!!
We also received a lovely parcel from dad and Ceci from Australia.
Thank you for all y'all's prayers! They matter so much to me and my family.

God bless.


DianeTaylor said...

GO FI!!!! Praying for you!!! And you are rocking those wigs :)

God Bless you and your family, stay strong and keep your eyes on the Lord.


Lindsey said...

You look beautiful! Love the Sophia and the Wendy! You are so stylish!


Lindsey said...

I also wanted to tell you that my dad had 39 radiation treatments and they told him he would lose his hair around day 15-20 and he NEVER lost it! Maybe you won't either! :)

gena said...

Love seeing the beautiful YORK faces and following your journey FiFi. Hans and I love you and miss you a bunch and look forward to our next times together. Keep the fight sweet girl!!! xoxox