Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February Fun :-)

My how time flies when you have a little one! And to think that Zev and I prayed to have twins when I was pregnant! I have a few mother of multiples friends and I take my hat off to them! Wow! This age (22 months) is so much fun though. I loved the baby stage, but people are right when they say that time flies! I can't believe that our beautiful boy will be 2 years old in just a few (short!) months! He is so precious and (spoken like a proud mama), so smart. I'm sure all mamas say that :-)) 

Enjoy the pics of our latest adventures! We are grateful each day for being alive, for The Lord's blessings on our life! Don't waste a day! We aren't :-)

Ps: Here are some of the latest "Zachary-isms":

"Mama broke swing, dadda fixes swing."
"Mama broke sink, dadda fixes sink."
"Library fun."
"MOPS fun."
"Firetrucks fun" (that was an understatement last week when a certain someone scared mama and dadda to bits when he had a febrile seizure and had to be taken to the ER!)
"Dadda car silver, mama car white, dadda truck white."
"Dadda dirt bike broom broom."
"Mama, sit down."
"Mama, eat."
"Coffee good" (this one was fun to explain as we waited in line at CVS on Friday! He drinks steamed milk in an espresso mug....)
"Tool men go potty" (I told Zachary that if he wanted to work with his tools outside, that he needed to be a big boy and go potty.) 

Wish we could freeze this moment in time, but looking forward to the joys of tomorrow :-)

Have a great week!

Fiona xo

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