Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Christmas lights and being grateful for every day

Lately I have been praying for The Lord to give me His daily bread and for the GRACE to deal with whatever He gives me. I've experienced great days ever since I started praying this prayer (essentially The Lord's Prayer from the Bible!) It's amazing how life becomes so much sweeter and you appreciate ever single moment when you stop to thank The Lord for His mercies every day. Her waking up and breathing and LIVING each day is a miracle. I am so grateful to enjoy seemingly simple everyday things like preparing Zev's coffee and smoothie and lunch in the mornings, or spending time eating breakfast (and lunch and dinner!) with Zachary. Swim lessons (which are incredibly fun but a lot of behind the scenes work in terms of logistics and timings!) Thank you, God for these wonderful moments. Thank you for sending your perfect son Jesus to be born on this earth as a precious baby, with the plan that He would die in order to redeem us.

Merry Christmas family and friends. May you enjoy the simple things in life today too :-)


Gena said...

I love you girl. Your words are so from the heart. You are blessed with a spirit that is so very special. Thank you for being in my life. xoxox

susan said...

I love your pictures and updates! I'm from Newport News (haven't lived there for 21 years) but your pictures brought back such great memories of my childhood! Thank! I like getting you updates! Keep them coming! Have a blessed holiday season!!