Friday, August 30, 2013

What a fun day!

Zev has tomorrow off, so this is a four day long weekend for him!! Yay for Labor Day and long weekends!

Today was a beautiful day, a blessing from The Lord. At O Dark Thirty (ie: really early!) I went to Walmart to buy some .22 ammo for my man (I know this may sound redneck/ bogan to some folks but there is a nationwide shortage of .22 ammo and there was actually a limit on how much ammo one could buy (3 boxes) and Zev uses the ammo to go sports shooting at the range. Anyhoo...I had to be there early to ensure that I was able to get some ammo (now I'm really sounding like a redneck!) before they ran out (they did). I did text Zev that I was the girl there (and one of the few not dressed in camo).

Mum and I then had Miss Shirley over for lunch and we all enjoyed the empanadas that I made yesterday. After lunch I went to the dentist and hen I got home, Zachary and I went for a bike ride. He loves his basketball and knows exactly where it is. So we brought the big old basketball with us in the bike buggy an enjoyed a BEAUTIFUL afternoon bike ride in gorgeous late summer/ pre fall weather. Love this time of year!

Then at night, Zev and I went for a lovely double date with our sweet friends Neal and Rhonda. We had such a fun time and we (the ladies) chatted all night!

Mama is tired though so I'm heading to bed once I post this. 

I stopped to look up to the sky and give THANKS to The Lord for the beauty of each day. Being alive and going for a bike ride with my son or going for a dinner date worn my husband is more precious than the most priceless jewel in the world.

Life is good.

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