Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tia Nena's place in Florida!

Mum, Zachary and I are currently in Florida! The first half of the week, we visited Tia (auntie) Nena, who lives in Gainesville (right next to the University of Florida). The weather is gorgeous and Nena took us to beautiful Saint Augustine, where we explored the historic downtown and admired the Spanish architecture. Zachary has been such a well behaved baby this trip. He is a little parrot at the moment, repeating everything we say in Spanish (which can be a good thing such as "Nena" and "agua" (water) or "guapo" (good looking boy) but can also be a bad thing ("caca") :-))) It's amazing to hear him repeat words and quite clearly too! I'm glad that he is learning some Spanish and that's all he's hearing during this trip! I'll have to make sure I speak more Spanish to him after mum leaves.

Gracias Tia Nena!

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