Monday, May 06, 2013

Squirrels and being Mr. Casanova at the oncology clinic

So today was a fun day. We started the day off with waffles and eggs and milk for breakfast (well Zachary did.) Apparently little man does not care for the whole grain waffles but prefers the homemade white flour waffles. I have tasted both and the homemade ones just taste better. Maybe I will make some homemade whole wheat waffles and freeze them?! Zachary enjoyed watching Mr. Squirrel attempt a Spider Man and throw himself (literally) into our window. He thought it was hilarious. Of course Mr. Squirrel was attempting to reach the new bird feeder which daddy had attached to the window for Zachary to watch. He got a pretty good kick out of watching Mr. Squirrel/ Spider Man kamikaze himself onto the window though!

Zachary then went to his second tumbling lesson at the Y; Kristine dropped off some goodies for Zachary and had lunch with me and then Zachary charmed the socks off every single women (regardless of age, race, color) in the waiting room at the oncologist clinic. Most of the people there had grand kids and there was Zachary walking around with me holding his hands and doing the royal wave to everyone that was there and everyone that walked in. So cute! Something about babies and puppies; they make everyone smile and feel special and forget their worries even for a little bit. That's why I say that God gave me Zachary when He did. He knew I would have some hard days but Zachary just makes me smile and Zev cheers me on like the wonderful husband he is.

Going to the oncology clinic is honestly kind of depressing. Because it's also the infusion clinic waiting room, there are people with no hair, people with sad looks on their faces and the look of hopelessness in their eyes. I try to maintain a cheery outlook when I go in. The nurses who do my blood work always love seeing Zachary (they flirt with him and each one calls him her "boyfriend".) He loves it. I love the fact that Zev comes to all the meetings with my oncologist Kim with me. She is really nice and has a special relationship with us. She also said that my blood work was looking pretty good, considering that I've completed 7 rounds of chemo and am about I start round 8 tonight! Crazy stuff.

Speaking of crazy stuff, I received a phone call from my neuro-surgeon's administrative assistant Colleen today. Our sons were born on the exact same day last year! Turns out that Dr. Q wants to use my case as a case study for his Pathoanatomy class at Johns Hopkins Medical school and invited me to come along. It was very nice of them to extend an invitation and perhaps I will come along. I am interested in all this stuff and it would be kind of cool to hear my neuro-surgeon talk specifically about my case. Or weird.

When we got back from the oncology clinic, I took Zachary for a run around our neighborhood. I have resolved to run the Baltimore half marathon as part of Dr. Q's Team Quest, in order to raise money for brain cancer research. I believe that we will find a cure for this disease; I pray that this cure is found within my lifetime!

Have a great week!
Love and hugs xo

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Lindsey said...

I am sure Zachary did charm the socks off everyone...what a cutie!

How cool of Dr. Q! I am so glad you get to be a part of something so fancy. Can't wait to see the pics of you crossing the marathon finish line!

Love tumbling class!!! :)