Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day long weekend

It is so lovely having Zev back after his TDY in San Antonio this past week. This was also my week 3 of chemo and a hard week to be honest. We always love the last Sunday before my little one week "break" in between each cycle. 

So, this weekend is Memorial Day long weekend in the USA (like ANZAC day in Australia). We have been relaxing and enjoying the weather outside. It's been unusually cold here but is meant to warm up in the coming days which will be nice. I've taken Zachary out on bike rides around our neighborhood and on Saturday afternoon our ride took us to the local library, where Zachary checked out some books and tried to impress the little girl who was also reading some books. After church on Sunday our sweet friend Ginny (the Hop) took some outstanding photos for Zachary's first birthday. We loved them! We then dropped Zachary off with our other sweet  friend Ginny (Virginia is a common name in the state of Virginia funnily enough :-)) and she watched him while we went on a date to watch Iron man 3 in 3D! It was really good!

Monday I met the girls for breakfast and picked up some great Memorial Day sales including a pair of shorts, while daddy watched Zachary and took him out for a run. I took Zachary for a bike ride round the beighborhood then we came home and took naps and in the evening we grilled outside. I love having a grill now, especially one that hooks up to the gas line! Zev cooked up some yummy fajitas with a cilantro and Greek yogurt sauce last night and some yummy chicken marinated with lemon and garlic with a side of couscous with shiitake mushrooms tonight! He is a gourmet cook. I just cook the staples during the week :-)

Freedom is not free. In honor of servicemen and women in the USA and Australia, thank you for your service!

Ps: I will try to post more pic from Ginny's photo shoot tomorrow!