Monday, March 04, 2013

Lunch at Fabis and little man sick

Little man has a fever and upper respiratory infection plus gastro. We took him to the doctors today and she prescribed him an antibiotic plus some Hydralyte. Please pray for his (speedy) recovery and for me (starting to get cold like symptoms). I will travel home with Zachary by myself as Zev is already home. I am just praying that little man and I are both better for the long flight! I gave him his dosage of antibiotics and a little Hydralyte and he is now sleeping.

Today we headed to auntie Fabis house for a YUMMY lunch! My mum cooks awesome food, but auntie Fabi cooks SUPER AWESOME food!! She cooked up her famous and delicious pesto pasta with roast turkey. Her pesto sauce is hands down the best I've ever had. I love it. Auntie Gladys also met us there. Zachary loved her dog, Fletcher! It was awesome to get out and about an enjoy time with family.

On the bus home, we passed by my old high school, Cerdon College, and a group of school girls hopped on board! It was cute to see Zachary's face as he watched and listened to the girls. Those Catholic school girls :-)

Enjoying our last days in Oz and missing daddy, who had to go back to work! This is my "off" week from chemo too; amazing how my energy has risen these past few days!!

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