Saturday, February 09, 2013

Uncle Jorge's Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Uncle Jorge's birthday with family and friends. It was so awesome to catch up with everyone and introduce Zachary to the family. He did great, being passed around! Little man also turned 10 months yesterday! Hard to believe that soon we will e celebrating his one year birthday! Seems like just yesterday that I had him :-) I will include a little update on hat he's been up to at the bottom of this post.

Uncle Jorge and Auntie Charo had the food catered by a Peruvian lady; awesome food! It was also awesome to catch up with my brother Mario; his wife Gabby and their three beautiful kids. Life is short: tell the people you love how much they mean to you!

Love Fiona xo

Happy 10 month birthday Zachary. What have you been up to?!

- you are crawling with your belly off the ground! Mummy has a hard time keeping up with you!
- since we have been in Australia, you love to wave. Mum has one of those Chinese cats that "waves" in the backyard, and you love waving to "El pussygato" and when mummy says "hello"! You wave at strangers now, which endears them to you ;-)
- you love lifting up the registers off the ground and hiding your books in them. Dad bolted them to the ground. We have had to baby proof the house!
- you are a flirt with ALL girls, young and old. The ladies on the airplane loved you, which is a good thing because it was a long flight!
- you are saying "dada", "mama" and "baba". So cute.
- you are napping twice a day, at 10 and around 3pm. You still get up once at night. We will need to sleep train you when we return home from Oz
- you love your family in Australia! Even though they are loud and smooch you!
- you are eating pretty much all solids, including table food. You love avocados.
- your mummy and daddy love you more each day :-))

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Vintage Paints said...

Hi there!

I'm not sure how I stumbled onto your log but I am so glad I did. I have been reading for months and love to hear what are up to and see your pictures. Your baby is darling!! You are so brave and so strong--I just wanted to tell you that! Love seeing your smiling face in these pictures! Wishing you good health and happiness. :)