Saturday, February 09, 2013


We finally arrived in Australia yesterday morning! The weather is gorgeous and Sydney is even more beautiful than I remember! It's good to be home :-)

Dad and Ceci picked us up from the airport. We were blessed to have a really good day of travel from Virginia to Sydney! We made all the flights and Zachary was an angel baby, even sleeping for a good part of the way from San Francisco to Sydney! Zev was a real sweetheart and had pre-coordinated with United Airlines for my ticket to be upgraded to business class. He wrote an email, explaining the situation of my rain cancer, and they were kind enough to upgrade the San Francisco to Sydney leg. Unfortunately we couldn't get Zev's ticket upgraded but he had a bulkhead seat which allowed him some extra leg space. I was nervous about having Zachary in business class with me, but I was blessed to sit next to a lovely lady named Sue, who was so sweet and accommodating and even lent me her travel pillow!

So we stayed up yesterday and caught up with Las Tias Guapas, Charo, Gladys and Fabi, as well as cousins Shelly and get boyfriend Oscar, cousin Jimmy and uncle Phil. We are staying with Meme and Howard and they have been the hostesses with the mostest! Their new house is lovely and we enjoyed walking around their beautiful neighborhood and exploring the shopping center. We even got to see some traditional Aussie food like Lamingtons, Pavlova and of course TimTams. This morning I had Weet-Bix for brekkie. I kept signing the old ad song "Aussie kids are Weet-Bix kids" in my head while I was eating the cereal. Zachary even liked Weet-Bix! He's official an Aussie!

Today we headed into downtown Sydney on the train, so that I could get a referral for my blood work here. We went to the same medical offices that took my X-rays for my Temporary Resident Visa back in 2004!! The US Consulate was next door, hence the reason why our insurance sent us there. After the appointment, we ate lunch in Martin Place and then walked down to Circular Quay. The weather was PERFECT: blue skies, gorgeous warm weather and a little breeze. We walked to the Harbour Bridge and we showed Zachary an aboriginal man playing the didgeridoo and then we headed towards the Opera House. It has been so awesome being in Sydney and visiting family again!

Zachary had to have a little bath when he got home, just to cool down. Tomorrow we are planning to go to the beach with dad and Ceci. Should be fun!

Thank you to all the prayer warriors who prayed for our journey! We could definitely see the power of prayer by the way he was so well behaved on the flights over. Enjoy the pictures!

Love FIFi xo

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