Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Long and skinny

We had Zachary's 9 month well baby visit yesterday (a little after his actual 9 month birthday). His statistics confirm what we had a suspicion of: our son is long and skinny! I think his big head makes it look like he's bigger than he really is :-). Here are the stats:

- He weighed in at 21 lb which puts him in the 53% for weight
- he measures 31 inches in length which puts him in the 99% for height
- his head circumference is 48 cm which puts him in the 99% for head circumference

He gets the long and skinny part from his dad. The big head I can safely say he gets from his mama :-)

He has had a bout with a stomach virus that has lasted 6 days now. Meaning he needs his drawers changed every 2 hours and oftentimes a complete outfit change. The doctor said it could last anywhere from 10 to 14 days! That may account for some weight loss too.

I hope you enjoy this update on Zachary's development. He's just opened up the air conditioning/ heater register in the floor and is exploring the interesting and nasty world of dead insects as we speak. So I've gotta go. Such a boy!

God bless,


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Gena said...

Hello gorgeous, I hope you, your wonderful hubby and sweet lil Zachary are doing well. Long and skinny is not a bad thing. I would love to lengthen my body about another two feet. What I lovely slender woman I would be. LOL And as for head size, three of the most wonderful people I know and love have respectfully large noggins and you know who they are Sweet large noggin FiFi :>) Hey, I know that your sweet boy must be teething, right??? Well, my children often had messy diapers when they were teething. Was just something to add to poor child's discomfort. Hope all is well with Sweet Zac real soon. Love and miss ya girl!!! Besos