Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Guess who's 6 months old today?!!!

Zachary is! Haha :-)) I squeezed him into his 6 month onesie that Aunt Candi made for him (aren't those the cutest!?) We visited the pediatrician for his 6 month well baby visit and shots. Poor baby!

Here is what our sweet baby boy has been up to this past month:

- 74th percentile for weight (18.8 lb) and 95th percentile for height (28.2 inches)! His head circumference was 99th percentile (46.4 cm) when the nurse measured him today. So basically, we have a long baby with a big head like his mama :-)
- Average of about 6 bottles during the day. Mostly 5 oz bottles although last week we increased the amount to 6oz
- He really likes to flirt with the ladies!
- He is still rolling over from his back to his belly but can't roll back onto his back
- He cut two teeth; one on October 5th and the other last night! He fussed a little which was unlike him, so Zev got some homeopathic teething tablets from Walgreens. That seemed to do the trick.
- He is going to be a pumpkin for Halloween. It has been raining here the last few days, so I haven't had a chance to take him out to a pumpkin patch for pictures. Soon though :-))
- His daddy and I love him to bits.

Happy 6 month birthday, Zachary!

Love Mummy and Daddy xoxo


Sam said...

The cutest outfit from Aunt Candi. Zachary has the best of both of his parents. He is so cute and looks so happy. I enjoy your pictures and the trip to DC looked like fun. You are always in my prayers. Have a wonderful day!

Hollie said...

Zachary is getting so big! I think of you so often and am always checking in for updates. Hope you are feeling good. You look GREAT!! Enjoy this very special time with your sweet boy. If goes WAY to fast.

Laura and Ryan said...

Oh my goodness he is just precious!!! I could just sqqquuueeeezzee him!! I had a dream about you- you and your family were here in California and wanted us to go to Disney with you. Of course we agreed :) Hope you are feeling good and you look fantastic!