Thursday, September 13, 2012

Infant massage!!!

It was awesome to be back at infant massage today. Karen, the instructor had heard of my brain cancer diagnosis and had sent me a sweet card saying that she would come to my house to give Zachary infant massage!!! So sweet.

It was awesome to catch up with The Girls: Natalie and Megan. I love these girls so much; we were pregnant together and our boys were born within 11 days of each other. Natalie and I had the same doctor and we all gave birth in the same hospital. So cool. We are also military wives and so share many similar experiences.

We do infant massage together and today was the first time in months that I had been. It was so good to be back. Working out the logistics was fine too. Megan was kind enough to pick me up at home and we both laughed as we fought with the baby car seat base and tried to navigate home!! And with an in car navigation system and Google maps!! Yes, I know it's meant to be easy. :-)))

Anyway it was a good day. First day in a while that Zachary and I have had some good mummy and baby time!

Enjoy the pictures!

Love Fiona xoxo

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