Thursday, August 30, 2012

Staples are out!

Staples are out of my head and we are on our way back home! Yay! We had a good stay in Baltimore. We stayed on the Harbor this time, which was a different experience from staying near the hospital :-)

We even got a picture with Dr. Quinones before he headed into surgery. I thanked him for operating on my brain. We are now stuck in traffic (of course) but it is a sunny day out and Zev is driving, so life is good.

Hope you have a lovely day!

FIFi xoxo


Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! We are so happy to hear the good news Fiona. :-) I know you must feel so much better. You look so good and we are happy to hear you and Zev had a wonderful time at the harbor. Safe travels home; your little guy is being sooo good, as usual! :-) Much love to you both.
Bob and Robin

Anonymous said...

Good to read on how you are making progress! Love and prayers are send your way! Dori