Saturday, August 18, 2012

I fed Zachary today!

I know this isn't a major thing, but I got to see my boy today, if only for a few minutes. It was so special :-) Meme and Howard brought him by. I was so happy to see him: I think it's been since Thursday that I haven't seen him! Anyway, I got to feed him. Here is the good the bad and the ugly: a picture of me post surgery. I don't think I'm going to be able to wash my hair until my post op visit in 10 days! Oi vey! Hahaha It is a good day in Baltimore and an even better day to be THANKFUL FOR ALL THAT THE LORD HAS DONE FOR ME!!!!!

Amen. I am tired now so I'm probably going to go back to bed. I wish I didn't sleep so much but my kind husband says rest is key. He's right about these things.

Ok so off to rest I go!

Na night xo



Gena said...

Sweet Fi, it's wonderful to see you up feeding Zac. But like Zev says, rest is key and take advantage of it while you are there. Once you get home I know you will want to be up more and spending as much time awake with your boys. Don't worry a bit about your hair, you are gorgeous as always and your smile melts hearts. Love you Fi and I thank God for taking care of our special one. XO

Anonymous said...

Fiona, this photo brings so much joy to my heart! Jesus is doing such a good work in you. HIS light shines through you so much! Zachary is so content to be back in his Mama's arms. Please rest as much as you can. You will need all your strength to heal! We are continuing to keep you, Zev and Zachary in our prayers! BIG HUGS from LaDonna and the whole Armstrong Clan!

Denise said...

REST. Relax and help your body heal..

Anonymous said...

You're a beauty, with or without washed hair!!! Rest and relax girl, and keep fighting the good fight. xoxo
Lin in Florida

Kathy Baker/Amarillo,Texas said...

Fi, I got your name from Kelly Stamps and have been reading your blog ever since. You are truly a beautiful Godly woman who is facing your trials with the best of friends you could count on, Our Saviour! He knows the outcome of all of this and whatever it is, you will be victorious. God loves you and so do I. In Him,
Kathy Baker

Elizabeth said...

I think feeding your baby is major!! That's awesome, you look great. Praise God. Continued prayers for recovery!