Monday, December 19, 2011

You never know...

...when you will make an impact on someone.
I received these homemade German Christmas cookies in the mail today.  They were sent by my former German tutor for Criminal Law at the University of Tuebingen.  She only taught me for one semester, but I was struck by her intelligence and her willingness to include us "international students" (Antonios from Greece and I) in her class discussions.  She asked me a few months after that first semester if I could proof-read her letter to apply for an internship at a New York City international law firm.  Zev and I both reviewed her letter, which was excellently written and made some adjustments.  She got the position and wrote to me to tell me so and thank me for my help, and I told her that she obtained the position based on her own excellent credentials.  I was happily surprised to receive this package in the mail today; her thoughtfulness shows what a lovely young lady she is.

Zev receives thank you notes frequently from people he has helped in the past, whether by writing a letter of recommendation (he is really good at those) or providing career guidance.  I am proud of him because I know he is a great boss.  When he received an email from a young troop he mentored a few postings ago, I told him that he obviously made an impact on that young man's life, enough for the man to track him down here in Virginia and send a note.  I make it my personal goal to always send thank you notes. I know that it may sound old fashioned to some, but to me, it is really important; taking the time to write a note (not just an email or a text message) but a real note, to send to the person who made an impact in your life.

Anyway, when I think back on my relatively short life so far, I can think of so many people (family, friends and colleagues) who have mentored me and made an impact on my life. To you, I say, thank you!

 I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers. 
Ephesians 1:16

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Lindsey said...

A thank you note is NOT old-fashioned. It is a wonderful gesture that people appreciate!

Loved the Christmas card!