Friday, October 07, 2011

14 weeks!!

Hello 2nd Trimester!
I woke up excited this morning and said "Happy 2nd Trimester" to Zev! I'm sure he appreciated the morning wake up call :-) haha. We were so excited to announce the news to our families this time last week! I wish that my belly would "show" more but I trust that in good time it will. I am eating right and swimming at the gym, but I still don't think that I look pregnant. What do you think?!!!! {That is not a trick question :-)} Our next appointment (16 week appointment) is on October 20th. Our doctor, who is an Air Force Major, is lovely and very thorough. Yes, my doctor wears an Air Force uniform and I will be giving birth right on base! So our baby will be a "Made in Germany and Born on an Air Force Base and Australian-American" baby! How's that for a mouthful!?

 For those not familiar with the military life, most babies to military personnel and their dependents (ie: me!) these days are born in private hospitals. There are very few military hospitals around these days that still have a Labor and Delivery ward on base. We are lucky that the base recently renovated the L&D ward and the Women's Clinic, so it is all new and nice. I thank God every single day, and many times a day for a wonderful pregnancy so far. I have had almost none of the "typical" pregnancy symptoms, except for some soreness and tiredness in the first 8 weeks. Lately I have been feeling very energetic and excited (well, if you ask Zev, that is situation normal, especially in the mornings). I would like to add here that even though I don't think of myself as vain, I didn't even comb my hair or wash my face for this picture, so please excuse the dissheveled look! I had Zev take a quick picture before he left for work; hence my bed head!

Thank you for your prayers! I pray that YOU have a great weekend!

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.
Jeremiah 1:5