Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Tale of Two Noves

So I haven´t mentioned this part of our trip, because it´s only now that I have been able to "laugh" about it. One place which is on the "must see" list of every military wife that travels down to the Vicenza area of Italy, is to visit the town of Nove, which produces ceramics and porcelains that are sold by stores such as Tiffany & Co, Williams Sonoma and Lenox. A lot of wives stock up on dinner sets and other items from the ceramic factory outlets in the town of Nove. Prior to leaving Germany, I asked Zev if we could make a detour to Nove (using the logic that it was close to the Army base of Vicenza where we needed to make a stop anyway) and he graciously agreed to go there (even knowing that it was highly likely that we would be buying things when we got there).  
The drive through the Dolomite Mountain Ranges was actually quite picturesque. We just followed the TomTom´s directions to "Nove, Italy."

As you can see above, the town of Nove that we finally reached after meandering through the Dolomite Mountain Ranges did NOT have any ceramic shops. Zev then turned to me and (calmly) asked if I had an actual address to navigate to. I did. So I entered it into the TomTom. It was two hours away from the town of Nove. Hmmmm. Tip for young players traveling through Europe: ALWAYS enter in a precise address. Preferably one with a postcode. Apparently, there are more than one Noves in Italy....who knew!?
We finally did reach the "right" Nove; at the end of our trip. We decided to drive there (again, via Vicenza) and were so glad (well I was relieved) when we finally reached it.
Oh the decisions! They actually had chairs out the front for the husbands to sit on, while they waited.
Thankfully, Zev didn´t have to wait for long. He was also very helpful in providing some good advice on designs! We are glad to be home. There really is no place like home.
So there you have it. A Tale of Two Noves. Quite a Shakespearian Tragedy (or should that be Love Story?) don´t you think?

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