Sunday, May 01, 2011

Running in lederhosen

Last night we joined our dear friends, Hans and Gena, at the local "Frühlingsfest" or "Spring Festival" in Bad Canstatt (next town over from Stuttgart).
This year, we all had the traditional dress (called "Trachtenmode" here) to wear, and I must admit that Zev looked pretty dapper in his lederhosen! (Look at those legs!!) He looked so cute.
Poor Zev got to try out running in those thick, tightly sewn leather pants, when I realized at the bus stop that I had forgotten my uni semester pass at home, and he gallantly ran back home to get it for me. I love this man. 
We were definitely not the odd ones out though. About half of the girls I saw wore dirndls and about a fifth of the men wore lederhosen.
It was such a fun evening. We met at 4pm and sat inside a traditional beer tent just enjoying the sunshine and company. We even took in a "haunted" roller coaster ride, which was really a cheesy but funny slow train ride with some "scary" masks and people popping out. I must admit that I "may" have screamed in surprise a few times. I don´t do so good on scary rides, or scary movies for that matter.
We then headed to another traditional Austrian "village" (like a beer garden), where we sat and talked and listened to the traditional Bavarian music and watched people go by.
We left at about 9pm; before the festival got too crazy. It was nice to be in bed at a reasonable hour!

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