Sunday, May 22, 2011

German friends

One of the best things about moving bases/ places/ countries every 3 or so years, is getting to know the awesome "locals." Zev and I still keep in touch with and visit the people that we became close friends with at each base including Glenbrook, Australia, Montgomery, Alabama, Shreveport, Louisiana (hi Leslie!) and now Germany.
German people are nice, however even Germans will admit that they can be a little distant/ stand-offish until they get to know you.
A lot of Americans complain that they have never been invited to a German´s house. Germans seem to like to catch up in a public place such as at a festival or in a restaurant. Nonetheless, we were happy this past weekend to get invited to a birthday party for one of my friends from my law classes at uni, Philipp, at the home that he and Laura (also a fellow law student) share.
We met their family, had some delicious homemade potato salad and then some apple cake and enjoyed just hanging out with our "German friends". The crazy thing is, I didn´t get a picture of the birthday boy, Philipp! Here am I with the lovely Laura.
I look forward to the friends we will make at our next posting! 

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