Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It´s all Greek to me...

Greetings from Greece, family and friends!
We arrived this afternoon after an easy 3 hour flight direct from Stuttgart. The weather is lovely; very similar to Stuttgart, which is starting to get warm (praise the Lord!))

The title of this blog entry was courtesy of the imaginative and creative Zev. He was saying "its all Greek to me" for about the first half hour of us being here, while we were on a local bus, trying to figure out what street we needed to get off on. He did really well getting us to our hotel, considering that the letters of the Greek alphabet are not Latin based!

T is for Thessaloniki. That is the city we are in for a few days before heading south to Athens.
Well, we are off to explore this ancient city now. More later!!
Love, Zev and Fi

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