Saturday, February 19, 2011

A is for Amsterdam

Today we are in Amsterdam and what a fun, happy city this is.
We are staying in the Jordaan neighborhood, which is a lovely, quiet neighborhood with cute little cafes and restaurants. Zev had the awesome idea to look for a self-contained apartment on a "Vacation Rentals By Owner."
Zev has a long weekend because of President's Day, and since I am working on my thesis and not attending classes every day, we thought we would drive the roughly 6 six from Germany to explore northern Europe a little. We arrived last night and I already love the city.
I do not mean to offend my dear German friends here, but people in Amsterdam seem a lot happier than in Germany. And no, I don't think it is because they are taking illegal substances. Well, maybe for some of them, but I have noticed on the train and just walking around our neighborhood that everyone smiles. And speaks great English. And loves to buy flowers. And ride around on these awesome old fashioned looking bicylces.
 This morning we went to the local markets and bought this delicious farmer's cheese with cumin.
We had fun looking at tospy turvy houses and painted bicycles...
Amsterdam is on my list of favorite cities in Europe. (My all time favorite is Venice; Zev's is Barcelona.)
We are now heading out to visit Anne Franks House. I love having wireless in our room!
Love from us xoxo

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