Sunday, February 20, 2011

B is for Beautiful Brugges

Well we had heard that Brugges is a beautiful little, medieval Belgian town. We were not disappointed. We found a sweet Bed and Breakfast to stay in, only 2 km from the Old Town of Brugges. We left Amsterdam this morning and arrived in Brugges about 2 1/2 hours later.
Everyone here seems super friendly and we had fun tasting some incredible dark Belgian beer and just exploring the old town.
Brugges reminds me of a blend between Venice and Colmar, France (due to the canals) and Prague (because of the cobblestoned streets and underground pubs and cellars).
We caught the local bus into downtown Brugges and just walked around this beautiful town. We started off buying some Belgian chocolates from one of the countless chocolate stores.
We explored fun little alleyways...
Peered into some cute lace stores...
 And just enjoyed the sights and sounds of Brugges.
We had carrot soup at one cafe and then we stopped for some traditional Belgian chips (french fries) with MAYONNAISE (yes, mayonnaise!) outside the cathedral and just watched the world go by. (You can see Zev ordering thge chips if you look closely; he is the second guy from the left.)
There are so many quaint little towns in Europe. This has been a lovely little weekend away. Tomorrow we will hopefully be able to stop by the Ardennes American Military Cemtery in Belgium on our way home to Germany. We hope that you have a lovely President's Day if you are in the US and a lovely start to your week if you are in Australia or elsewhere!
Love and hugs, Zev and Fi xo

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