Friday, January 14, 2011

The girls

My cousin Michelle and her three girlfriends are visiting us from Australia at the moment! They are on their university summer break at the moment and did an 18 day bus tour around Western Europe and Ireland, before flying to Germany on January 5th. I meant to post this blog entry earlier, but I have been so busy with uni; my final exams for this semester are in 3 weeks! All oral exams and all in German! I am also working on writing my thesis, which is due end of May. This year will fly by, I just know it!
I absolutely love having the girls here and I am really enjoying my time with my "baby" cousin, Shelley. She has grown into such a beautiful, intelligent and good hearted young lady. I am so proud of her. She is studying to be a Primary (Elementary) School teacher, and I think that this is the perfect career for her. She loves kids and the kids love her. All the girls are very intelligent; one is studying a double Engineering/Architectur degree and the other is studying Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney.
Future Engineer/Architect and sometime Snow Angel, Samantha:
Since they arrived on January 5th, we have walked down town to Esslingen, through the historic covered bridge; gone on a hike up to Katherinenlinde in the snow; visited Heidelberg, Rothenberg Ob der Tauber, Stuttgart and tomorrow, Tübingen and Schloss Hohenzoellern together; done the Schloss Ludwigsburg tour AND made Maultaschen together.
By themselves, the girls have caught the train to Strasbourg in France, Konstanz on the Swiss border and today they are visiting the home of the cuckoo clock and Black Forest Cake: Triberg, in the Black Forest!
Zev and I have really enjoyed having them here and they feel like part of the family! We will definitely miss them when they head back to Oz.
Tonight I am going to attempt Julia Child´s special French Onion Soup. Apparently it is meant to take 1 1/2 hours in total to make! I probably won´t be blogging much these next few weeks, as I concentrate on exam prep. I wish you all a happy, healthy and hopeful start to the New Year!

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Elizabeth said...

Oh wow!! Thats so weird that you live in Germany too! I am back in the states while my husband is deployed for 6 months. I do like living in Germany but ready to move back to Texas! ha!