Monday, December 20, 2010

Esslinger Fackelzug

Last night was the annual Esslinger Fackelzug at our "local" fortress.
The Fackelzug is a torch lit procession from the Esslinger Altstadt, where the Medieval and Christmas markets are held, up to the Burg. 
There is a quite a "Medieval" community in our local town. Lots of dreadlocks and alternative looking woolen/ tie dyed clothing. I think we saw most of our "Medieval" people at the Fackelzug last night ;-)
It was fun to watch the torch lit procession walk from the Altstadt up to the Burg, along the ancient cobblestoned walkway. (You can see the lights at the foot of the vineyards.)
There were medieval musicians and fire dancers.
(Doesn´t Zev take great pictures?!)
The musicans and fire dancers had the crowd join in with them as they danced around the fire....
Here is a video of the "fire dance".
The best thing about the Fackelzug, is that it is not a great big commercial event. We actually missed it last year, because it was not advertised. I went to the Tourism Office this year to find out te date for this year´s Fackelzug. This is one of the many reasons that we love living in Germany.
Wherever in the world you are reading this blog from, we would like to wish you a warm, happy and safe Christmas. We hope that the love of Christ is shared warmly among you and your loved ones.
Merry Christmas!
Zev and Fi xoxo

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