Monday, November 08, 2010

People who helped us along the way....

I am still on my "being thankful" frame of mind and I hope that I am able to give thanks to everyone I am thankful for! This is the month of Thanksgiving after all.
Last night, Zev and I had dinner with my previous German teachers, Ulla and Sonja and their husbands. I love these ladies. I have taken a few different German course since 2009, and these two teachers are by far the best. They are not only awesome German language teachers but simply outstanding teachers. They both have an incredible patience (to constantly repeat grammatical rules and concepts until you "get it") and just provide encouragement in the sometimes (oftentimes) frustrating task of learning a foreign language. German is not an easy language to learn and students from all around the world (who usually speak at least English) admit that. Nonetheless, Sonja and Ulla helped me pass the "big test" I took to get into university, but above all, have continued to provide support and encouragement and are like family to us now. They both also have a fondness for America (and hence Zev is spoilt rotten when he visits.)
Case in point- two desserts last night- German apple cake after our cheesecake.
I am always grateful to this guy. And above all, the Big Guy "upstairs". On a different note, I sprained my ankle running yesterday. Thankfully, Dr. Zev was able to swiftly Rest (running ahead to get the car and then plonking me on the coach when we got home), Ice, Compress and Elevate my foot. Although I have a golf ball on the side of my ankle and am having a hard time finding cute shoes to wear to school today, I am actually thankful for the circumstances. It could have been a worse injury and I am grateful that I can still walk on my foot.

On that note, I better start walking towards my bus to catch it. Have a wonderful week!
1 Thessalonians 5:18.

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