Monday, September 20, 2010

Air Force Ball

On Saturday, September 18th, Zev and I attended the Air Force Ball.
We went with our dear friends, Hans and Gena, who were the most gracious hosts and gave us the five star treatment when we stayed over at their house.
Considering that we are currently stationed in a "joint" Command, the majority of the military folks here are Army. The "base" that Zev works at is not even called a "base" (like in the Air Force), but a "barracks." We love our Army friends, but sometimes it is nice to hang out with Air Force folks and their spouses. The Air Force variety show performers, "Tops in Blue" performed for us and it is amazing to think that these talented young men and women are actually active duty Air Force airmen. 
This year's theme is the Year of the Family. It's fun being a part of this family! We have "relatives" all over the world. Have a wonderful week. xoxo


Leslie said...

You look beautiful!!!! As always!

Lindsey said...

oooooo... Fiona! so glamorous!

Kelly A said...

Hello from Alabama!!! You look fabulous! I was just thinking about you and wanted to check in on you. I miss you bunches. Kelly

zevandfi said...

Kelly! How are you girl? I have tried to get in touch with you on and off over the years!! Please email me: zevandfi at hotmail dot com. Love you! Fifi