Monday, July 19, 2010

Lisa & Jim's Visit!

Lisa & Jim arrived on Sunday afternoon to visit us and to catch up with Kristen while she was also visiting from Paris. It felt like we had just seen each other a few weeks ago, and we almost forgot that each of us live in different countries!
We explored the vineyards behind our house as well as the historic "Kapelle" which is a chapel built by a German king for his young wife, a Russian princess, who died prematurely.
The folks around here call it the "Taj Mahal" of Esslingen. It really is a lovely love story, and one can see a beautiful 360 view of the area from the top.
We then headed down into beautiful Esslingen, where we sat down for a bite to eat at a local, typically Schwaebisch German restaurant. It was fun to hear the church bells on our local "Rathaus". 
After lunch, we came home and hung out a little before heading out to dinner at our local "Burg" or fortress. We tried some more typical German specialities.
Monday morning we got up and I cooked our guests an "Egg Bake" which we enjoyed on our balcony (currently looking lovely with our flower boxes blossoming!!) Zev had to pop into work for a bit, so I took our guests to one of my favorite destinations in this area- the Ludwigsburg Castle. The English tour did not disappoint. Note: you can tell you have frequented Ludwigsburg Castle a little too often when the tour guide points and says "I've seen you here before!" Yes, indeed.
After our castle tour, we headed to the store for Lisa to stock up on another local product: Ritter Sport chocolate! I am planning to take Leslie on the Chocolate Factory tour!!
I am now working hard to get as much work done on my business before Leslie arrives. I am praying for a good visit and safe traveling mercies.

Have a good week and God Bless,
Love Fifi xoxo

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