Thursday, July 22, 2010

Leslie is here!

My sweet friend, Leslie from Louisiana arrived today! I have been looking forward to this visit for so long; it has been TWO years since we saw each other. Needless to say, we let out a little shriek when we saw each other in the airport. Ha!
After we came home and freshened up, we walked downtown and explored our medieval town before heading out to lunch at one of my favorite places that makes awesome salads.
We then headed to another favorite place- STARBUCKS!!! Isn't it lovely that some things are the same no matter where you travel to?! Tomorrow we are heading to Ludwigsburg Castle for a tour of this fabulous castle. Bye for now!


Kendal said...

I am praying that you two have the most wonderful visit enjoying each other's company and God's great creation. Love to you both!

Lindsey said...

wooohooo!!!! I am so glad y'all are having fun!! Keep the updates coming!