Sunday, January 10, 2010

There's a LOT of snow out there - well compared to what I've seen before!

The ground outside is covered with a thick blanket of snow. It looks like a lot of snow to me (anything that come up to your ankles when you walk is a lot of snow to this girl from Down Under!). Zev has of course seen snow that comes up to his waist. I'm glad the snow doesn't come up to my waist. It began to snow a lot on Thursday, and by Friday we had a decent covering, so Zev sent me an email from work asking me to go out and buy two sleds from the local hardware store. I just HAD to buy the pink one, and picked up the other available color- yellow, for Zev.I honestly didn't realize that our sleds/coasters would match our ski jackets (but I like that they do! Ha!)

We walked up through the woods behind our house and sledded under the moonlight. Lots of fun!

Yesterday we went skiing at a little mountain not far from our house, in the Schwaebisch Alb.

You will see from my previous post, how excited I was for Zev to come home from work to see the nice work I had done with shoveling the driveway. Rookie mistake. When you live in a snowy climate, the snow can come and undo all your good work- we spent about 20 minutes before heading out skiing, in taking the snow off our cars and de-icing the windows and shoveling the driveway yet again. Maybe someone could invent a leaf-blower equivalent for snowy driveways!

Little PT Cruiser, where are you?

Hope everyone stays warm and dry (or in Australia- cool and dry!)

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