Thursday, December 24, 2009

Magda's Christmas Cookies

Our sweet 80-something year old neighbor, Magda, popped over yesterday to drop off her (famous and delicious)
Christmas cookies.

She has been baking those cookies for the last 3 weeks, and they are seriously works of art. In taste AND looks. Magda is especially fond of Zev, and when she dropped them off (Zev wasn't home), she asked "do you think Zev will like them?"

(The caption for this photo should read "can I have a cookie now?")

To give you an idea of HOW GOOD these cookies are, I must tell you that even the local (famous and delicious) baker, asks for Madga to make HIM cookies every year. Apparently Magda and her husband Heinz (who, when it snows outside, is out at 7am the next day shoveling the driveway), have known the local baker since he was a boy. Actually, Magda and Heinz, who live to the left of our house, used to babysit our landlord, Jorg, who lives to the right of us. You will remember Jorg and his sweet wife Ingeborg, from a previous post where I told you about how they love us like their own kids, and are simply wonderful neighbors who happen to be our landlords also.

Zev and I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas. Feliz Navidad to our family in Australia and Frohe Weihnachten to our friends in Germany. (Joyeux Noel for our French friends too!). We enjoyed some of Magda's cookies this morning while calling home to my family in Australia (we celebrate Christmas Eve with a big dinner and church service). It was great to talk with everyone. Today, Zev and I will be heading to the candlelight service at our church, and then having a cosy dinner at home. We are watching "It's a Wonderful Life" (because I have never seen it before).

Christmas in Germany is an experience that will linger with us forever.

Tomorrow, some dear friends of ours have invited us for Christmas dinner, and we are really looking forward to that. Isn't this what the Christmas season is about? Being with family and friends and just enjoying each other's company, while remembering the love that Christ shared with us?
Sending you Love and Big Hugs this Christmas season,

Zev and Fi xoxox

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