Monday, June 08, 2009

Hungarian Dish for Hungry Husband!

Fi's lovely new friend, Lilla, whom she met in her German class, is from Hungary, and shared a recipe for "Paprikaskrumpli" for Fi to try at home! Lilla was gracious to give Fi some special ingredients from Hungary. including "Paprikascreme" and "Gulashcreme"!! The dish is basically a potato, onion and baby sausages dish with great spices including paprika (of course!), majoram, cumin and "Vegeta" which is a dry vegetable spice....all in all, the dish seemed to be a hit with Fi's "Hungry Husband" Zev, so it will be added to "Fi's Repertoire of Staple Week Night Dishes." Hopefully when Fi's mum, Meme comes to visit, she can learn some good Peruvian dishes to add to that list. Thanks for the recipe and great ingredients, Lilla!

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