Saturday, June 20, 2009

Festivals, festivals and more festivals!!

We joke with our German friends here that every weekend in Germany there is a festival (we usually get a "but of course" look in return!) Anyway, last weekend we were treated to not one, not two but THREE "fests" in the local area. The first festival was the Esslingen Erdbeer (or strawberry) festival- very cute event in the historic part of Esslingen. The next day we headed to a Motorcross Tournament up the road (they had riders from all around the world). Probably our favorite "fest" was the local "Musikverein" or Music Club's annual fundraiser- a mini October fest type thing in the park across the road- so much fun! We ate bratwurst and sang German songs and just thanked God for the opportunity to live here in Germany and for this amazing life. Summer in Europe is simply wonderful and Fi personally thinks that everyone seems happier and nicer in the summer months. Well enjoy the pics and take care wherever in the world you may be. Love and hugs, Zev and Fi xoxoxo

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