Sunday, January 18, 2009

Skiing in the Black Forest

You've heard of Black Forest cake, Hansel and Gretel and cuckoo clocks right? Well, we are very blessed to live close by to the Black Forest and yesterday we decided to drive right into the heart of the Black Forest to the highest peak of "Feldberg" (which has an elevation of 1,493 metres- you can see from the pictures below that we actually visited the peak- and Zev tried not to fall off the side of the mountain)....Feldberg is is not far from the Swiss and French borders with Germany, hence the variety of skiers including people from France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and even Australia (we heard some Aussie accents on one of the chair lifts)! The weather was gorgeous (sunny skies, no rain or extreme wind) and the skiing was fabulous. The drive took us only about 2 hours from door to door and it was nice to experience skiing in Germany. Although the ski runs were not as challenging as the Austrian Alps, there were a lot of diverse runs and we enjoyed exploring. Fi actually enjoyed the skiing in the Black Forest ("Schwarzwald") better than the skiing in Austria because the slopes were gentler and the snow was more powdery and not as icy as St. Anton. Zev gave Fi some really good skiing tips (like having her own personal ski instructor all day!) and Zev even showed Fi some cool tricks of his own. We took some little videos (Fi's voice sounds a little distorted but perhaps that is due to some wind interference on the microphone), including a video of Zev showing Fi "how it's done". Be sure to hit "PLAY," watch, listen and enjoy! We miss all our family and friends and pray that you are all doing well. Love and hugs! Zev and Fi xoxoxo

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