Friday, January 02, 2009

One day ski trip to St. Anton

We went skiing in St. Anton, which is in the Austrian Alps last Saturday. We went on a one day ski trip organized by the "Outdoor Recreation" folks on base. Although it was nice to have someone else drive us there and back (and we were exhausted by the end of the day!), we will probably just drive ourselves down next time. The weather was beautiful, the sun was out and there was plenty of snow. The ski resort of St. Anton is part of a group of 5 resorts which are all connected by ski lifts- 85 lifts in total! We just stuck to the skiing in St. Anton which (for Fi) was challenging enough! (The "easy" runs here are like intermediate/ hard runs back in Australia- no wonder Europeans are such good skiers!) Even though Zev hadn't skied since Australia, he took to the snow like a pro and even attempted some really difficult runs while Fi took a break at the cafe on the mountain. All in all, a good taste of what skiing in Europe is all about!

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