Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kristen's Visit and Trip to Esslingen Mittelaltermarkt

We really enjoyed having Kristen come visit us last weekend, and being able to catch up on each other's lives. Most of Fi's family in Australia knows Kristen (Fi and Kristen travelled around South America in 2001), and we can report that Kristen is doing well working as an attorney in Paris. She has also recently branched out into journalism, focusing on writing articles about a topic close to her heart- Africa. Fi and Kristen visited the Ludwigsburg Schloss (or Castle) which is also fondly referred to as the "German Versailles." It really is such an amazing Baroque- era building and the 1.5 hour tour gave a lot of interesting insight into life of German nobles back in the day. (This tour is a must do when you come to Germany!) We also took Kristen to the Esslingen Mittelaltermarkt and Weichnachtsmarkt (Middle Ages and Christmas Markets) along with our friends Hans and Gena (Zev works with Hans). The hot Gluwein kept our hands warm!

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