Sunday, December 30, 2007

The big one

We went out hunting again on base on Friday, December 28, 2007. It was the last hunting day on base for the year, and Zev and I thought we would head out and sit in some stands that we hadn't hunted in yet, to try our luck. Well, at about 5.10pm, about 30 minutes before hunting was to stop for the day, two hogs came out, right by Zev's stand, about 60 yards away. Zev waited until the larger hog turned a little and then...BANG...he took the perfect shot and dropped her right on the spot. She didn't even run away. Zev had great shot placement. I was watching him from my stand, proud as punch, and then waited until Zev hopped down from his stand before I hopped down from mine. It got dark pretty quick though and the two of us couldn't even begin to haul that thing out of the woods, so we waited for some friends to come by with their four wheeler to help us drag it out. The hog ended up weighing in at 227.8 pounds which means...a lot of pork chops and sausages in our future!! We took it to the meat processing plant that very night and our local friends should have some yummy smoked sausages coming their way in the near future!!

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